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With a wealth of features and great support, it's no wonder that more and more online merchants are turning to Magento for their e-commerce solutions.

But like many other e-commerce systems, exchanging accounting information with Magento-based stores can be a tedious and complex task to set up, and even trickier to maintain once store merchants upgrade or change their back-end systems. The Netfira WebConnect solution solves these problems quickly and easily.


The Netifra WebConnect plugin will work with Magento versions:

  • 1.7.0.x

No more uploading, syncing, re-keying. Saves on data errors too.

With Netfira WebConnect enabled, Magento-based stores will be able to:

  • Automatically update online product information directly from their accounting/ERP system.
  • Match Magento customers with accounting/ERP customers.
  • Match existing Magento stock with items from the accounting/ERP system.
  • Insert any orders placed online electronically into their accounting/ERP system as sales orders or invoices.

Easy to install, secure and cost effective.

To connect Magento to your accounting system, you need to install the Netfira WebConnect application on your PC. This program interfaces with a myriad of accounting and ERP programs. Netfira is certified by a range of software vendors including MYOB, Ostendo and SAP. 

Once the Netfira WebConnect application is configured, the Netfira WebConnect Magento plugin is installed.

While the Netfira WebConnect plugin will work immediately, there are a number of configuration options in the Magento admin system to fine tune how information is handled.

These revolve around what information is pushed to the Magento store. For example, a merchant might want to show stock levels that reflect what is in actually in their warehouse and automatically import orders, while at the same time using Magento to manage product descriptions and images.  Netfira WebConnect has the flexibility to work this way.

 Figure 1: Netfira WebConnect - Magento Administration Screen       

Netfira uses a secure peer-to-peer architecture to ensure secure transactions.  

Free to download,  Netfira WebConnect for Magento is only $99.95 per month no matter how large your Magento site it.



To connect your accounting system to Magneto using Netfira, you will need two components:

1. Netfira WebConnect application.
This programs runs on your PC and connects to a wide range of accounting systems

2. Netfira WebConnect Magento Plugin.
A simple to install plugin for Magento that syncs with your accounting system via Netfira WebConnect.

Complete instructions are contained in these downloads and it's suggested these are read prior to installation. You'll also find the Netfira WebConnect documentation site very useful.

Supported Systems

This release supports the following systems:

MYOB RetailManager v8
MYOB RetailManager v9
MYOB RetailManager v10
MYOB RetailManager v11
MYOB RetailManager 12
MYOB Accounting v8
MYOB Accounting Plus v8
MYOB Accounting Plus v8.5
MYOB Premier v12
MYOB Premier v12.5
MYOB Premier Enterprise v6
MYOB Premier Enterprise v6.5
MYOB EXO Business v6.193
MYOB AccountRight Standard v19
MYOB AccountRight Standard v19.5
MYOB AccountRight Plus v19
MYOB AccountRight Plus v19.5
MYOB AccountRight Enterprise v19
MYOB AccountRight Enterprise v19.5
MYOB AccountRight Premier v19
MYOB AccountRight Premier v19.5
QuickBooks Premier 2009 USA Version
QuickBooks Premier 2010 USA Version
QuickBooks Premier 2011 USA Version
QuickBooks Premier 2009 Aus/NZ Version
QuickBooks Premier 2010 Aus/NZ Version
QuickBooks Premier 2011 Aus/NZ Version
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2010
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2010
Sage ERP Accpac 5.5
Sage ERP Accpac 5.6
Sage Simply Accounting
SAP - Various versions - please contact Netfira for further information and pricing


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